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Prof. Lei Feng of KTH Royal Institute of Technology Visited Our Base
July 30, 2018  

On July 26, 2018, Associate Professor Lei Feng from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and his team was invited to visit our 111 base and had a friendly communication.

In the morning of July 26, the "Car Networking—Automatic Driving" symposium 2018 was held in our base. First, Base Director Professor Xiangmo Zhao addressed the meeting and made welcome speech to Prof. Lei Feng and his team. And then, the young teachers, doctors and postgraduate students of our base participated in this symposium, reported the progress and achievement of their personal relevant research work which is around the theme of “Car Networking-Automatic Driving” and related fields, and had a discussion with the experts and teachers. The symposium was lively with strong academic atmosphere. More than 50 young teachers and postgraduate students participated in this symposium.

In the afternoon, Prof. Lei Feng and his team toured “WeiShui campus car integrated proving ground” of our base, and made an academic lecture, titled “Research topics at KTH Mechatronics”, which is grouped around several topics, including “joint automated driving technology for highly automated vehicles”, ” trajectory planning under non-nominal conditions”, ” safe docking optimization strategy”, ” design method of optimizing vehicle deck energy diversion by optimizing road dip angle of designated road section”, ” Minimizing fuel consumption of the electric engine cooling system by realtime MPC”. The lectures were well appreciated.



Prof. Khattak made an academic report 



A/Prof.FengLei made an academic report