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Dr. Ma Jiaqi, Assistant Professor of University of Cincinnati USA, Came to Our Base for a Short Visit
July 6, 2018  

From July 1 to July 4, Dr. Ma Jiaqi, Assistant Professor of University of Cincinnati USA, came to our base for a four-day academic visit and cooperation exchange by invitation.

During his visit, Dr. Ma made a series of academic lectures which included topics of “advanced traveler information systems” “commercial vehicle operations and intermodal freight” “public transportation applications” “ITS and regional strategic transportation planning, travel demand management, electronic toll collection and road-pricing, and connected and automated vehicles”. Dr. Ma Jiaqi combined with his own research projects and theoretical practice, answered questions from teachers and students. The key teacher and graduate students of our base attended the report.

Dr. Ma is an Assistant Professor of Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management in College of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Cincinnati USA. He is also director of the Joint Research Laboratory for Transportation at University of Cincinnati. His main research interests include intelligent transportation, cooperative vehicle infrastructure system, Internet of vehicle, connected and autonomous vehicles, large-scale system modeling and simulation, travel and driving behavior modeling, traffic demand forecasting, and artificial intelligence-based traffic management. He published more than 60 academic research papers in foreign journals and conferences, and more than 30 articles were included in SCI.


                  Dr. Ma Jiaqi made a special report


                             Group Photo