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Professor Zhang Meng and Li Xiaobing of The University
December 25, 2017  

Dr. Zhang Meng and Dr. Li Xiaobing from the Transportation Engineering Department of the University of Tennessee in USA, visited our base for a five-day academic exchange by invitation. The exchange mainly included two sections: exchange of research experience and thematic academic report on the connected vehicles and big data projects.

Both of them made academic speeches in the morning on December 19, 2017. Dr. Zhang Meng presented an academic report titled "Analysis of Micro-Level Instantaneous Lateral Driving Decisions: Applications of Connected Vehicle and Big Data" to show her research on big data and connected vehicles. She gave a comprehensive introduction to the recognition method and application of lane change behavior of connected vehicles based on big data, from the aspects of data sources, data types, definition of lane change behavior, pattern recognition, research findings and applications, etc. In combination with this year's TRB conference paper, she shared her own experience in academic paper submission. Dr. Li Xiaobing made an academic report entitled "Traffic Incident Duration Analysis - Application of big data and statistical modeling techniques", introducing the detailed statistical analysis methods and countermeasures of large-scale traffic accident based on big data from three aspects: the prediction of the duration on large-scale traffic accidents, the estimation of the various agencies’ response time, as well as the traffic evacuation and guidance strategies. The novelty and systematicness of their research were highly appreciated.

During the exchange, the two parties also held several academic seminars and shared views on different research issues, which deepened the mutual understanding and provided the basis for future cooperation.

The scene of the seminar