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Prof. Liu Shaoying of Japan Hosei University Visits Our Base
March 18, 2018  

Invited by Director of 111 base Prof. Xiangmo Zhao, Prof. Shaoying Liu from Department of Computer Science, Hosei University, Japan, came to our base for academic exchange on March 13, 2018. The exchange mainly proceeded from two aspects: the construction of disciplines and scientific research platforms, and special technical reports.

First of all, Professor Liu talked about the experience and lessons of software engineering discipline construction and scientific research platform construction, based on his experience in the long-term research on software formalized methods, graduate student training, team building, and research environment construction. All the teachers in the software engineering of our base participated in the academic exchange and discussed the ideas and construction plans for the software engineering discipline construction in our base. Prof. Liu also gave constructive opinions and suggestions on the construction of software engineering disciplines in our base, in combination with his personal experience in visiting “the road traffic intelligence detection technology and equipment engineering technology research center” of our base. The seminar was conducted in a warm atmosphere.

After the seminar, Prof. Liu gave a special technical report titled "Agile Formal Engineering Methods for Advanced Software Engineering". The report provided a detailed analysis of the "Over Budget & Behind Schedule" problem faced by large-scale software development work, and proposed a complete solution from the perspective of formal engineering,and shared some implementation plans. The topic of Professor Liu's technical report was systematically presented and profoundly analyzed, which opened up the academic vision of software engineering subjects and deepened academic understanding at the frontier of the discipline for teachers and graduate students in our base. All teachers and graduate students in the software engineering discipline of our base joined this technical seminar.

The two sides also discussed possible future research cooperation.

Prof. Shaoying Liu visited laboratory

 Prof. Shaoying Liu made an academic report